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About Us

"Trust and Respect" - The two easiest things in life for someone to lose and the hardest things to gain back.


Business is all about people and mutual trust and respect are core values of any human relationships.  At Truspect Consulting, we trust and respect our client and business partners and we expect the same.    


At Truspect Consulting, we do not just prepare income tax returns and financial statements, we are also committed to provide you with the best advises about your personal or company's finance.  We enjoy answering questions and providing solutions so all you need to do is to ask and what we offer is often "A Peace of Mind".   

I am not a number person so I hire Truspect Consulting to prepare both our corporate and personal income tax and they have made things so direct and simple, which reduces a lot of stress for us!

Henry & Rachel, owner, family business

I have so many roles as I am running several business, so, I have out sourced my accounting department to Truspect Consulting so I only have to worry about sales and operations.  Despite of the day-to-day accounting 

duties, they also give great advices which aids my business growth.  Strongly recommended!

Sandeep M, Financial Services

"I love working with Truspect Consulting as they will explain my financial situation to me and they have made accounting and reporting income tax so much fun!"

Don L, Director, Construction Company

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