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About us

Business is all about people and mutual trust and respect are core values of any human relationships.  At Truspect Consulting, we trust and respect our client and business partners and we expect the same. 

Who we are

At Truspect Consulting, we do not just prepare income tax returns and financial statements, we are also committed to provide you with the best advises about your personal or company's finance.  We enjoy answering questions and providing solutions so all you need to do is to ask and what we offer is often "A Peace of Mind".  

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Our vision & Mission

  • To restore public confidence in Accountants and Consultants by providing sound advises, acting as their best partners and offering a peace of mind to business owners and individuals 

  • To commit to provide the quality services and best advises to our clients.

  • To commit to improve the quality of our clients' lifestyle

  • To commit to offer value to the community by participating in volunteer and charity work

Our values

Trust & Respect 


Trusts & Estates

Human relationships is all about mutual trust and respect.

Ultimate achievement = Set goal + Time spent + Consistent effort

It is important to see growth in our clients' companies because we believe in working together to achieve the same goal and eventually improve their lifestyle.


"Trust and Respect" - The two easiest things in life for someone to lose and the hardest things to gain back.

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It was a true pleasure working with the Truspect Consulting team. They made the process of filing our small business taxes smooth, efficient, and painless. They were also very knowledgeable about the needs of small business and helped us feel more prepared for the future. Thank you, Hayson and co!

Victoria, Founder of ABC Company

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